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Chancelor Jonathan Bennett (born April 16, 1993, Chicago, US), known professionally as Chance the Rapper, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and activist.

He is recognized today for being the most talented rapper of his generation and a pioneer in the music industry, especially in the hip hop genre. He is also known for being involved with charitable causes and has actively fought to combat gun violence.

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  1. “When the only time he loves me is naked in my dreams.”— Chance The Rapper
  2. “Don’t believe in kings, believe in the Kingdom” – Chance The Rapper Quotes
  3. “In what I’ve seen happen so far, the good usually wins. That’s why I’m not afraid of a Trump presidency.”— Chance The Rapper
  4. “The people’s champ must be everything the people can’t be.” – Chance The Rapper
  5. I’m a good man, and I’m gonna become a better man.
  6. “When you make stuff from the ‘you’ point of view, you really can’t go wrong.” – Chance The Rapper
  7. “One of my favorite, if not my favorite artists, definitely my favorite composer, is Kirk Franklin.” — Chance The Rapper Captions
  8. “Kanye took me from a kid who listened to music to a kid who lived music.”– Chance the Rapper
  9. “Sometimes the truth don’t rhyme. Sometimes the lies get millions of views.” — Chance The Rapper
  10. “My favorite artist in the world is Michael Jackson, and he revolutionized the music video aspect of music.” – Chance the Rapper
  11. “I made the decision that I was going to make rap music in, like, fourth grade, so it’s been something I was saying for a long time.”-– Chance the Rapper
  12. “What’s wrong with me is what is right with me I am madly, insanely, in jealously in perfect love!” — Chance The Rapper Song Quotes
  13. Depending on the story that you’re telling, you can be relatable to everybody or nobody. I try and tell everybody’s story.
  14. You gotta try and flip stuff. Everything you get, you can turn into something else.
  15. They don’t give nothing away. You gotta fight for your way.
  16. Clean up the streets so my daughter could have somewhere to play.
  17. We only know what we know until someone knows better.__ Best Chance The Rapper Quotes
  18. What’s better than followers is actually falling in love.
  19. I don’t know why I sleep with my eyes wide hoping that I find you…
  20. Something I try to instill in others is to just be a good person. It’s a decision you make a million times a day. But if you just keep trying, good stuff comes to you in an ordained way.
  21. I can’t gain anything off of anyone else not succeeding.
  22. Smiles come through, though my eyes might cry.__ Quotes By Chance The Rapper
  23. Everybody’s somebody’s everything. I know you right. Nobody’s nothing. That’s right.
  24. Fame or perceived success – it all comes from group think.

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