35 Hilarious Quotes To Celebrate Doctor’s Day 2020

Looking for hilarious and funny quotes about doctor? National Doctor’s Day in the United States (National Doctor’s Day) is celebrated annually on March 30, starting in 1991. The resolution on its establishment was signed on October 30, 1990 by US President George W. Bush, and was officially approved by Congress and the Senate.

But, in fact, Doctor’s Day began to be celebrated long before official America recognized this day as national. History takes us to March 30, 1933, in the city of Winder (Winder), Georgia.
hilarious quotes for doctor

Bellow, you will find some of the best phrases to congratulate the Doctor’s Day and express our gratitude toward all doctors who treat and save our lives. Check it out!

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  1. People love doctors who love people; Before being a good doctor, be a good person. -Antonia Valles.
  2. Medicine is for those who cannot imagine doing anything else. -Dra. Luanda Gazette, Best Doctor Quotes
  3. Each patient brings within himself his own doctor. -Norman Cousins.
  4. Wear your white coat with pride and dignity, it is an honor and a privilege to serve the public as a doctor. -Bill H. Warren.
  5. You save the lives of many. May you always have health and your life is full of surprises. Happy doctor’s day
  6. Happy is the one who studies to learn, the one who studies to teach, but more who does it to heal. Happy doctor’s day
  7. Not all heroes have super powers and wear capes. Some have sleepless hours, years of study, and a white coat! Happy doctor’s day, Inspirational Doctor Quotes
  8. I don’t know how to express my gratitude. I can only wish him all the professional success he deserves as a doctor, and also in his personal life. Happy day!
  9. The art of medication is to keep the patient in good mood while nature heals him. -Voltaire.
  10. Thank you for the clarity and kindness of your words. If all doctors were like you, the world would be a different place.
  11. A true doctor’s mark is usually unreadable.
  12. A doctor never goes home at the end of the day thinking that he has not done something valuable and important. -Suneel Dhand, Quotes For Doctors
  13. Kindness and sensitivity are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolve. -Gibran Khalil Gibran.
  14. Only those who consider cure as the ultimate goal of their efforts can be called medical. -Rudolf Virchow.
  15. The most difficult thing in the art of remedy is not saving from death, but saving from disease.
  16. You inspire many with your life. The love and care you offer your patients is something that all individuals should learn. Happy doctor’s day
  17. Not everyone can say they have the best doctor in the world. And I’m glad to say it with complete confidence.__ Thank You Doctor Quotes
  18. Although doctors are not gods, they are instruments of God. Happy doctor’s day
  19. Happy doctor’s day to our heroes dressed in white and with a stethoscope who do a great job in the service of health.
  20. Men cannot get closer to the gods than when they offer health to other men. -Marco Tulio Cicero.
  21. It is your actions that make us feel proud. It is great to have a doctor in the family. I wish you a happy doctor’s day.
  22. Only the doctor can identify and treat the diseases of humanity. He is the only person who can give us hope when we are broke.__ Thanks To Doctor Quotes
  23. The supreme art of medicine is to align a man’s will against his illness. -Henry Ward Beecher.
  24. Where the art of treatment is loved, there is also love for humanity. -Hippocrates.
  25. A doctor becomes a friend and reliable support. Thank you, my gratitude is immense for all that you have done for me. -Aldous Huxley.
  26. Only a life lived for others is worth it. -Albert Einstein.
  27. When I was discouraged, you gave me strength by helping me become a healthy person. Thanks for every doctor.__ Famous Doctor Quotes
  28. What turns someone into a doctor is not the gown, a suit, or what you put on, but what is behind it all.
  29. With regard to disease, get in the habit of doing one of the following two things: helping, or at least not harming. -Hippocrates.
  30. The best doctor is the most inspiring person of hope. -Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
  31. Happy doctor’s day! Make it a unique and special day as it deserves. I wish you many blessings in your life and career. Thank you.
  32. In the sick room, ten cents of human understanding is worth ten dollars of medical science. -Martin H. Fischer,Funny Doctor Quotes
  33. Savior of many, and even called “the hands of God.” Thank you for choosing this profession and saving the lives of many. Happy doctor’s day
  34. Life is short, art is long, opportunity is fleeting, experience is deceptive, and judgment is difficult.
  35. Doctors wear white because many of them, like you, are like angels of health.

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