100 Freaky Couple Quotes [Latest Collection 2019]

Freaky Quotes For Him

Freaky Couple Quotes _ Sometimes, quotes of love need not to be so sweet. They must also be wet, sexy and… a little dirty.

It is undeniable that sexual tension, especially at the start of a relationship, is present for couples and these sexual needs are always there for a sweeter, more unruly union. So, if you feel that you are in need of spice, check out our 100 freaky couple quotes with photos and learn a few shots you can throw at your lover, tonight, perhaps!Freaky Quotes For Him

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  1. My nipples get hard when you text me.__ Freaky Couple Quotes Instagram
  2. It’s been so long since I’ve sucked on your balls.
  3. I don’t know why, but all I could think about in my work meeting was kneeling in front of you and getting you off.
  4. I can’t wait to get home so I can sit on your face.
  5. I’m sore in the best way from last night.__ Freaky Quotes For Instagram
  6. If I come to your office for lunch, which way do you want to fuck me on your desk first?Freaky Quotes For Him
  7. All I can think about is how you taste.
  8. I just came so hard thinking about the way you pull my hair when you fuck me.
  9. I’m not wearing panties today.
  10. I’m ruining the panties I wore today thinking about you.__ Cute Freaky Couple Quotes
  11. I just got a wax, wanna see?
  12. I get to suck you dry before we go out tonight.Freaky Quotes For Him
  13. Pretty sure my neighbors can hear when I think about you.
  14. If you say one more thing I’m going to have to finish myself right here right now.
  15. I miss hearing you cum.__ Freaky Quotes Twitter
  16. Is it wrong that just seeing those blue dots next to your name gets me wet?
  17. Your cock is literally perfect.
  18. Just so you know, you can have me any way, any time.
  19. I’m at work and all I can think about is your cock.
  20. How many times do you think I can make you cum tonight?__ Freaky Love Quotes For Her
  21. I couldn’t decide which panties you’d like best, so I decided not to wear any.
  22. Can I give you head while you play video games later?
  23. You have no idea how bad I want you to fuck me right now.
  24. As soon as you walk in the door tonight I’m getting on my knees.
  25. Why aren’t you fucking me right now?__ Freaky Instagram Quotes
  26. I was looking at my tits in the mirror and thinking about how much better they’d look with your cum on them.
  27. You make me think the nastiest thoughts.
  28. I’m really craving your cum right now.
  29. You made me make such a mess in my bed.
  30. You made me cum so hard last time I swear I was going to pass out.__ Freaky Love Quotes For Him
  31. How long am I supposed to wait until I tell you how much I want your cock again?
  32. You fuck me so good.
  33. I just made myself cum thinking about you, but I’m down for round 2 if you feel like coming over.
  34. I think it would be really hot if I could tie you up and tease you for hours before I make you cum.
  35. Your cock drives me crazy.__ Freaky Couple Quotes Instagram
  36. I keep thinking about the way your cum tastes. I need to taste it again.
  37. I think I’m in love with your cock. 
  38. I would suck your dick every morning if I could.
  39. I wanna see your handprint on this ass.
  40. You’re not leaving your bed this weekend.__ Freaky Couple Quotes Tumblr
  41. I could never get tired of fucking you.
  42. Ever since I met you I can’t stop touching myself whenever I’m in bed.
  43. I wish you knew all the bad things I want to do to you tonight.
  44. I never knew I was so perverted until I met you and you made me think of all the ways I want you to make me cum.
  45. I ordered us a new toy.__ Cute Freaky Couple Quotes
  46. Can you be showered and in sweats by 8? I have a list of naughty things I want to do to you tonight.
  47. Cum over and don’t say anything, I want to blow you for at least a half hour before I make you cum harder than you ever have before.
  48. No one makes my panties wet like you.
  49. When is a good time to tell you how bad I want you to fuck me from behind right now?
  50. Pull my hair tonight.__ Freaky Love Quotes With Images
  51. Just so you know I’m going to make you cum at least twice when you get home tonight.
  52. I just read that semen is supposed to be good for your skin. Can we test it out later?
  53. I love how sexy you look when you’re making me cum.
  54. I was just thinking about how hard you made me cum last time. When can I see you?
  55. I have expensive whiskey and I want you.__ Freaky Love Quotes For Her
  56. I can’t decide if I want you to cum in my mouth or in my pussy more.
  57. Fresh from church and ready 2 sin.
  58. Here’s a picture of my boobs just because.
  59. Can we go skinny dipping?__ Freaky Love Quotes Images
  60. Here’s a picture of the panties I was wearing before I got them too wet thinking about you.
  61. I can’t stop thinking about what you feel like when you’re inside me.
  62. Tonight: fuck me like you hate me.
  63. Tonight: make me cum while your cock is in my mouth.
  64. Don’t talk tonight, just lay back and let me do all the work.
  65. The only words I’m going to say tonight are ‘yes sir.’__ Freaky Love Quotes For Him
  66. Your hands and your dick can do no wrong.
  67. I’m not usually this horny. But here I am sending you sexts in the middle of the afternoon because you’ve turned me into such a slut.
  68. I’d give up netflix forever just to feel your fingers on my clit right now.
  69. I could explain how horny you make me, but I’d rather you stick your fingers inside me and feel for yourself.
  70. I’m dripping wet for you.__ Freaky Quotes For Him
  71. I want my tongue over every inch of your cock and balls.
  72. I want to sit on your face until I can’t cum anymore.
  73. You know what happens when you first get inside me? That’s all I’ve thought about at work today.
  74. I need a good fucking.
  75. I want to cum for you so badly.__ Freaky Couple Quotes Tumblr
  76. I wish I was waking you up with a BJ right now.
  77. Spank me later?
  78. Be naked when I get home.
  79. You. Me. No clothes. All weekend.
  80. You’ve turned me into such a dirty little slut.
  81. I need your tongue on my clit immediately.__ Freaky Quotes For Her
  82. I get turned on just thinking about your cum on me.
  83. Tonight I’m going to tease you until you fucking beg to cum.
  84. Last night I got myself off thinking about how I want to choke on your cock tonight.
  85. You made me work all day in wet panties.__ Freaky Love Quotes With Images
  86. The only thing that’s getting me through this day is the thought of your tongue on my clit.
  87. Why aren’t you cumming down my throat right now?
  88. Even when you’re not here you give me the best orgasms.
  89. I’m naked in bed waiting for you.
  90. I want your cum dripping out of me.__ Freaky Couple Quotes
  91. Just so you know, you can cum anywhere, anytime.
  92. You make me so wet.
  93. Can you please cum on my tits next time?
  94. I’m stressed. I need you to fuck me until I can’t remember my name.
  95. I miss your cock.__ Freaky Love Quotes Images
  96. I’ve never been this wet before.
  97. My pussy misses you.
  98. I want to do something with you sexually you’ve never done before.
  99. I just thought about you and I swear I got wet immediately.

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