30+ Hilarious Quotes To Kick-Start Wednesday W. Motivation

Looking for funny quotes about wednesday? We have collected in this article the most beautiful and hilarious wishes, sayings and messages dedicated to this day for you. Check it out!

Wednesday is the day in the middle of the work week that we have to fight to love. It’s hard to see Wed. as something exciting because most of us spend it working hard. One thing is for sure, it is better than Monday and it is next to Friday!

Take a look at these quotes to rediscover the charm of Wednesday. Each day brings its own surprises and when we are open to spontaneity and chance, even Wednesdays can bring a great story.

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  1. Wednesday is not the beginning of the week. But, you can make it the beginning of your success. Work, and get stars in front of you.
  2. It’s a question of point of view. You call it “Wednesday”. I call it “Weekend -3”.(Wednesday Morning Quotes Funny)
  3. When you get up in the morning, don’t ask yourself what to do, but what you can do to be happy.
  4. You’re great if you can make people around you become jealous. But, it’s more useful if you can get people inspired by you.
  5. Wednesday: It’s almost, sorta, kinda, close to, just about, nearly the weekend. 
  6. Each morning is the open door to a new world – new vistas, new aims, new plans, and new things… Wednesday morning is no less.”
  7. “Monday for wealth, Tuesday for health, Wednesday the best day of all: Thursday for crosses, Friday for losses, Saturday no luck at all.” (Wednesday Humor Quotes)
  8. Wednesday is a day that does not take position, is in the middle, and you do not know if you are still at the beginning of the week or at the end. (Anonymous)
  9. Wednesday is that misunderstood day, sufficiently distant from Monday but too far from Saturday. (ArduinoDieni)
  10. Monday is always the worst day, Tuesday is a little better, on Wednesday you are already looking forward to the weekend. (Trevor Hoyle)
  11. When a day that you know is Wednesday immediately begins to look like Sunday, it means that somewhere there is something that just doesn’t work. (John Wyndham)
  12. Do you know what is said on Wednesdays? That you’re halfway there. (Glee, Good Morning Wednesday Funny Quotes)
  13. Occasionally, I feel like Wednesday: there in the middle, without any particular sense. (ChiaraBottini)
  14. Wednesday night and that fabulous feeling of having crossed the top of the week. (Diodeglizilla)
  15. As after the storm the sun always comes out, remember that after Wednesday there is always a Saturday waiting for you. Be patient and you will be rewarded.
  16. Come on, still some more effort. After this Wednesday, the road is downhill towards the weekend. Don’t throw in the towel right now.
  17. Wednesdays, Tuesdays and Mondays are like those unpleasant people you have to endure. (Witty Wednesday Quotes)
  18. Wednesday is not the beginning of the week. But, you can make it the beginning of your success. Work, and get stars in front of you.
  19. History carries that Wednesday is the day for us to remember the journey and plan for our achievement. That is God’s purpose in putting Wednesday in the middle of the week.
  20. Wednesday is romantic. Because … I feel like I need you. Have a good activity!
  21. Let’s pick up the blessing on Wednesday. Because, God created light on Wednesday. Hopefully this Wednesday our days are full of blessings and light. Keep the spirit!
  22. Wishing you a full day of Joyful Moments. Happy Wednesday, my friends! (Wednesday Funny Quotes And Sayings)
  23. Happy Wednesday! Focus on good thoughts and good things will happen.
  24. Life is a choice. You can be a loser and be laughed at by a problem or be a winner and laugh at a problem. Happy Wednesday!
  25. The problem comes to give you the most valuable treasure, the lesson. Solve your problems, take the wisdom.
  26. Life is a choice, even when you decide not to choose. Have a nice Wednesday!
  27. Keep your spirits up Wednesday. Only 4x 24 x 60 x 60 are left for Sunday. Face Wednesday with joy! (Funny Wednesday Morning Quotes)
  28. Humans have a weakness by often making mistakes. But, he also has the advantage of learning from his mistakes.
  29. Good morning Wednesday, 3 days more, take me to see him. Yes, he introduced me to a beautiful taste. Love.
  30. I want no Wednesday. When with you, there is only one time that I know of, which is forever.


Wednesday… for some reason, others feel that spending the whole week is a task but enjoying this life as a journey is the real answer for us not to feel the hump and to always remember how we can feel, love, hate, tired and live.

Some of us need the motivation to start this day of the week and all the way to the end of the week. Always remember that happiness is a choice and it is no different than experiencing a Wednesday.

I hope these quotes will brighten up your mid-week. Remember, each day passing by with come with surprises and if we open up our minds, even Wednesday may be our best day.

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