70 Quotes For False, Hypocritical And Envious People

Below you will find a compilation of famous quotes, phrases and popular sayings about hypocrite people. Enjoy a good time reading each one and share them with your friends.

Unfortunately, all of us at some point in our lives have been faced with people who are false, hypocritical, envious and disloyal, people who have played tricks on us.

Matching toxic people is inevitable, but it is possible to detect these bad people to manage their behaviors and not get hurt.
In today’s article we are going to compile great quotes and phrases for hypocritical and false people, to find out what certain ideologist think about how to deal with this type of people.

If you want to use any of these famous quotes and sayings, you can do it without any problem on your social networks. Probably someone in your environment will catch the hint.

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  1. The truth hurts, but the lie kills. (Anonymous, Hypocrite Quotes From Bible)
  2. What’s the point of being pretty on the outside when you’re so ugly on the inside? (Jess C. Scott)
  3. Some people joke to tell you the truth, while others talk seriously to lie to you. (Anonymous)
  4. “Count on me” are important words, spoken by many, but fulfilled by few. (Anonymous)
  5. It is not a fool who says “I love you” on the first date, but the one who believes it. (Anonymous)
  6. I prefer to surround myself with people who reveal their imperfection, instead of people who falsify their perfection. (Charles F. Glassman)
  7. Always sleep with one eye open. Never take anything for granted. Your best friends can be your enemies. (Sara Shepard)
  8. If you want to expel a false person from your life, stick to this advice: do just the opposite of what is expected of you. (Marta Gargoles)
  9. If you cannot live without treating me well, you must learn to live away from me. (Frida Kahlo)
  10. Whoever hurts you makes you strong, whoever criticizes you makes you important, whoever envies you makes you valuable, and whoever rejects you does you a favor! (Anonymous)
  11. The tongue is like a sharp knife, it kills without drawing blood. (Hypocrite Christian Quotes)
  12. One of the biggest regrets in life is being what others want you to be, instead of being yourself. (Shannon L. Alder, Hypocrite Quotes)
  13. The only wolves we should be afraid of are those with human skin on. (George R.R. Martin)
  14. Life is too short to eat fake butter or deal with fake people. (Karen Salmansohn)
  15. If you can pretend sincerity you can pretend whatever. (George Burns, Quotes About Hypocrite)
  16. Laugh, hate me, speak ill of me … That after all, I know that you are bursting to see me happy. (Anonymous, Quotes For Hypocrite)
  17. Do not criticize what you did not have to live or feel. (Anonymous)
  18. That person with the same mouth that says “I love you” to me, said to me “with you forever” … (Anonymous)
  19. I love fake people as long as they are mannequins. (Pushpa Rana)
  20. The more time we spend interconnected through a myriad of devices, the less time we have left to develop true friendships in the real world. (Alex Morritt)
  21. I learned to identify the false love of the true ones by their fruits, humility and how free they were from worldly desires. (Santosh Avvannavar)
  22. Your only obligation at any time is to be loyal to yourself. (Richard Bach, Hypocrite Quotes Bible)
  23. One should examine oneself for a long time before thinking of condemning others. (Molière)
  24. I hope you haven’t been leading a double life, pretending to be evil and good all along. That would be hypocrisy. (Oscar Wilde)
  25. People wear a lie mask to look attractive, be careful. (Muhammad Saqib)
  26. Happiness and pleasure always elude the hypocrite. (Sam Veda)
  27. The best way to live with honor in this world is to be what we appear. (Socrates, Hypocrite Christian Quotes)
  28. Generally a man has two reasons for doing something. One that sounds good and one that is real. (J. Pierpoint Morgan)
  29. Beware of silent water, a silent dog, and a silent enemy. (Jewish proverb)
  30. Falsehood is so close to the truth that the prudent man should not be placed on slippery ground. (Cicero)
  31. Some people are so false that they are no longer aware that they think just the opposite of what they say. (Marcel Aymé)
  32. Like the crying wolf, if you keep looking for compassion as a justification for your actions, someday you will be alone when you really need help. (Criss Jami)
  33. You miss me? Find me, do you love me? Conquer me, did you go? …… Don’t come back. (Anonymous)
  34. Don’t worry, I also know how to forget. (Anonymous)
  35. There are people who have us like Google, they only look for us when they need something. (Anonymous)
  36. They demand sincerity but are offended if you tell them the truth.
  37. So what do I do: Do ​​I offend you out of sincerity or do I lie to you for education? (Anonymous)
  38. Never worry about those who hate you, better worry about those who pretend they love you. (Anonymous, Hypocrite Quotes)
  39. Hypocrites feed on gossip, destroy themselves with envy, and die without friends. (Anonymous)
  40. Many people don’t listen to you, they just wait patiently for their turn to speak. (Anonymous)
  41. He talks bad about me … Total, he doesn’t come or come to me.
  42. You don’t dress me, you don’t keep me. (Anonymous, Hypocritical Quotes)
  43. Judge me as you want, total, the opinion is yours, but the reality is mine. (Anonymous)
  44. You watch me, you criticize me, you envy me and in the end … you imitate me! (Anonymous)
  45. Talking with a full mouth is ugly and with an empty head, worse. (Anonymous)
  46. I do not hate anyone, what happens is that the existence of certain people in the world like you, bothers me … (Anonymous)
  47. I treat you without rancor … but with memory. (Anonymous)
    Apology accepted, trust withdrawn … (Anonymous, Hypocrite Quotes For Facebook)
  48. Even if you receive slaps and are disappointed, always go forward and fight for your dreams. (Anonymous)
  49. Being the first in someone’s life can be perfect; sometimes being the last … is a success. (Anonymous)
  50. The bad thing about closed minds like you is that they always have their mouths open. (Anonymous)
  51. Some people don’t change, they just demonstrate what they used to hide. (Anonymous)
  52. Don’t worry, your enemies will spread your failure, but they will whisper your success … (Anonymous, Hypocrisy Quotes)
  53. Happiness of two … Envy of thousands. (Anonymous)
  54. “I will always be with you” said the person who doesn’t even greet me now. (Anonymous)
  55. Don’t trust any word, any smile, any kiss, any hug. People know how to pretend too well. (Anonymous)
  56. Why hate you, if I can ignore you for life! (Anonymous)
  57. My worst spelling mistake was to put an ellipsis, which must have had an end point. (Anonymous, Hypocrite People Quotes)
  58. Don’t talk about me until you’ve talked to me. Thank you. (Anonymous)
  59. Be careful, sometimes the words hurt more than the blows and do more damage. (Anonymous)
  60. Saying “I love you” is in fashion, what went out of fashion is really feeling it. (Anonymous)
  61. The people who judge you don’t matter. The people who matter don’t judge you. (Anonymous)
  62. Sorry for being that person you envy so much, but above all forgive because I care so little about your life, I am very sorry. (Anonymous, Hypocrisy Quotes)
  63. Friend, nowadays being false seems to be in fashion, and believe me you are always setting trends. (Anonymous)
  64. Now I will only accept true, good and loyal people in my life, so don’t ever try to be my friend again. No hypocrites, thanks. (Anonymous)
  65. I’m glad I met you, now I know I shouldn’t trust those false smiles, lying friends. (Anonymous)
  66. From the falsehood of a false friend you can keep the best and that is that from now on you will know how to enjoy much more of a smile from a real friend. (Anonymous)
  67. Whenever you discover that a friend is not true you will have to rejoice because from then on you will have one less problem in your life. (Anonymous, Hypocrite Friends Quotes)
  68. They are not useless people but they are people with a different philosophy of life. First they laugh with you and right after they laugh at you. (Anonymous)
  69. Remember when you thought you couldn’t live without that person? Well look at you, living. (Anonymous)

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