25 Hilarious Quotes To Welcome First Day Of Autumn (Fall Season)

Quotes About Autumn

Looking for the most inspirational quotes about autumn? It takes over from summer and precedes winter but fall is not a season like any other. It offers us magnificent landscapes, shimmering colors, a plethora of dead leaves and delicious food. As a source of inspiration for many poets, autumn is seen as a time of peaceful happiness and creative melancholy, but also as a time for boredom and sadness. Many would trade a fall well for a single day in Spring…

Explore our collection of 25 autumn quotes from the some authors and artists over these three fascinating months. Check it out!

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  1. “Nothing worse than suffering from a nervous breakdown in the middle of autumn. Fall is an aggravating circumstance. ”
  2. “In the fall of the seasons, the leaves die. In the autumn of life, these are our memories.”__  Inspirational Fall Quotes
  3. “All of autumn at the end is just a cold herbal tea.”
  4. “Autumn is a wise and good season for advice.”
  5. “Fall is sewn with moments of grace that don’t last.”
  6. “In the fall the trees make stripteases to grow the mushrooms.”
  7. “Autumn is a mutation, winter is a struggle, spring is a flourishing.” __ Autumn Quotes Inspirational
  8. Fills the air with a slight smell of grass fires.
  9. Autumn is a melancholy and graceful andante which admirably prepares the solemn adagio of winter.
  10. It’s fall, the season when, under a chilled sun, everyone collects what they sowed.
  11. In the fall, I collected all my sorrows and buried them in my garden.__ Autumn Quotes Funny
  12. There is something spring in the fall, and the last scents of the year sometimes resemble its first emanations.
  13. “An autumn rose is more than another exquisite one.”
  14. “The news is like the autumn leaves. The wind that carries them mistreats them. ”
  15. “Autumn tells the earth about the leaves it lent in the summer.”
  16. “I am in the fall of my life but what does it matter since winter is my friend!”– Cute Fall Sayings
  17. “Autumn may be adorned, like an old coquette, adorned with purple or bronze foliage, it is only deception and trompe-l’oeil.”
  18. “When the grief is there, a day lasts as much as three autumns.”
  19. “To write is to cross a season which is not on any calendar.”
  20. “If you are not careful, the memories also end up losing you.”
    Françoise Lefèvre, First Day Of Fall Quotes
  21. “You can’t talk about ugly people; it’s enough that there are. ”
    Boris Vian
  22. If money really did grow on trees, what would be everyone’s favorite season? Fall.
  23. What did one autumn leaf say to another? I’m falling for you.

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