25 Harry Potter Quotes On Life, Love & Friendship

Quotes by Harry Potter

Looking For The Best Quotes By Harry Potter? Not only one of the most famous and successful in literature and film, but Harry Potter always has the exact words to inspire its fans. J.K. Rowling developed a whole world of characters that we identify with and that make us dream big.

Now, look at some of the phrases we have chosen from the Harry Potter series, many of which have great reflections about life and other equally profound issues.

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  1. If you want to know what someone really is, look at how they treat their inferiors, not their peers.
  2. Just because you have the emotional depth of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have it. ― Harry Potter Quotes
  3. I hope you are satisfied with what you have done. We could have died, or worse, been thrown out.
  4. Magic wands are only powerful if the wizards who use them are, but some like to brag that theirs is the biggest and the best.
  5. It is our choices, Harry, that show who we are, much more than our abilities.
  6. Of course it’s happening inside your head, Harry, but why should that mean it’s not real?
  7. Happiness can be found even in the darkest moments, provided we are able to use light well.__ Dumbledore Quotes
  8. It is the fear of the unknown that we fear when we look at death and darkness, nothing more.
  9. Have no pity on the dead, Harry. Have pity on the living, and above all on those who live without love.
  10. It is not good to be carried away by dreams, and forget to live.
  11. Love is a force that is more beautiful and more terrible than death.
  12. In every splendid moment of happiness there is a drop of poison: the certainty that the pain will return. __ Albus Dumbledore Quotes
  13. It takes great courage to face our enemies, but it takes even more courage to face our friends.
  14. In dreams we find a world entirely ours. Let it plunge into the deepest ocean, fly over the highest cloud.
  15. For a well-prepared mind, death is just the next great adventure.
  16. People find it easier to forgive others for being wrong, than for being right.
  17. Call him Voldemort, Harry. Always use the correct name of things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing that is named.__ Best Harry Potter Quotes
  18. Young people cannot know how old people think or feel, but old people are guilty if we forget what it means to be young.
  19. You don’t realize that it doesn’t matter what you are by birth, but what you are by yourself!
  20. Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only by accepting can you recover.
  21. Your inability to understand that there are much worse things than death has always been your greatest weakness.
  22. Being the Master of Death is not achieving immortality. It is to accept death, this is to conquer it. — Luna Lovegood Quotes
  23. It was one of my most brilliant ideas and, between you and me, that is saying a lot.
  24. And now, Harry, let’s go into the dark and go in search of adventure, that whimsical seducer.
  25. Sometimes indifference and coldness do much more harm than avowed dislike.

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