25 Cute & Funny Quotes Express Happy First Day Of Summer

Quotes For Summer

Looking for the best quotes on Summer? Summertime!!! Either you love it or hate it, there is rarely a status in between. Hot humid days, beach trips, barbecues, beautiful dresses and more, what isn’t there to love about summer? Summer is the perfect time to get away or to take a break from the daily grind. Whether you find yourself at the beach, on a plane or a road trip, books are great companions and can transport you into another world.

When you enjoy the special time of each year, these funny summer quotes will have you wishing it was summer all year long. Enjoy!

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  1. “The light of summer is brighter than an election speech.”
  2. “Summer is coming, and life is getting easy.”__ Summer Captions
  3. “In summer: the old idiots are in Deauville, the whores in Saint- Tropez and the others are by car everywhere.”
  4. “Nothing can satisfy you if you are not yourself.”
  5. “The good thing about being yourself is that you are.
  6. “Brief summers often have early springs.” __ William Shakespeare
  7. “In summer, at night, noises are celebrated.”__ Summertime Quotes
  8. “Families come in summer to take the children there, hoping, often disappointed, to drown the ugliest.”
  9. “We don’t run away from people, we run away from ourselves.”
  10. “We fall in love, then we get pregnant, then we fall from above.”
  11. “Who sings during the summer dances during the winter.”
  12. “Love is consented slavery.” __ Roland Jaccard, End Of Summer Quotes
  13. “Summer is me! cried the Soleil-Roi. ”__ Jacques Pater
  14. “The summer that runs away is a friend who leaves.” __ Victor Hugo
  15. “Here is the summer: marry a shady woman!” __ Jules Jouy
  16. “A woman’s tears and summer rain don’t last long.” __ French proverb
  17. “Happiness, you will know that it is simplicity!” __ Jacques Brillant, Short Summer Quotes
  18. “Beauty cannot be imprisoned, neither can love.” __ Suzanne Paradis
  19. “At the banquet of corruption, gold is worth more than faith!” __ Jacques Brillant
  20. “How to survive by thinking that love itself will have an end?” __ Pierre Gobeil
  21. “Life is like the stones of the way: you push it and it disappears.”
  22. “Even good devils send people to hell!” __ Jean-Michel Wyl, Cute Summer Quotes
  23. “We must not neglect the poor, they are the way to the heart of the city.” __ Suzanne Paradis
  24. What is a math teacher’s favorite sum? Summer!
  25. What do you call a dog on the beach in the Summer? A hot dog!

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