25 Quotes On Marriage That Make You Want To Say Yes…

Find quotes on wedding and make a speech to honor the newlyweds? Or do you just want to make your friends smile about marriage?

Following 25 quotes about weddings – by world-famous poets, authors, philosophers and movie figures, have shown that the simplest, most sincere words are often the most honest. – and most profound. Check it out!

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  1. A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too brief. André Maurois
  2. Marriage is a Certificate of Ownership which formalizes a Free Relationship before witnesses.__ Wedding Quotes
  3. Love makes mad people, the marriage of cuckolds, the patriotism of evil fools. Paul Léautaud
  4. Marriage is not a lottery. In the lottery there are winners. George Bernard Shaw
  5. Marriage is a comedy, and I don’t have the genius of Molière. Sacha Guitry
  6. When he makes a brilliant marriage, superior to his condition, the man is nothing, we only speak of the woman.
  7. Marriage is neither a poison nor a medicine. It’s a marmalade, a jam, a treat!__ Funny Marriage Quotes
  8. Marriage is the moral death of all independence. Fiodor Dostoyevsky
  9. Marriage is loading your heart with more chains than you can wear.
  10. Marriage is not a coupling, it is an establishment. André Maurois
  11. Marriage without conflict is about as inconceivable as a state without crises. André Maurois
  12. All successful marriages are based on a few necessary hypocrisies. It is only in failed marriages that people tell themselves the truth all the time. Philip Kerr, Wedding Day Quotes
  13. Death, among others
  14. Marriage is often compared to a lottery. It is a mistake because in the lottery, we can sometimes win … George Bernard Shaw
  15. The husband who wants a happy marriage must learn to keep his mouth closed, and his check book open. Groucho Marx
  16. Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution? Henry Louis Mencken
  17. The problem with marriage is that it dies every night after love and has to be rebuilt every morning before breakfast. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Wedding Wishes Quotes
  18. Marriage is not slavery; nor is it a base bargain, much less a clash of the sexes. It is based on love emanating from the soul. Founding Charter of Mali
  19. Marriage is a play with two characters, each of which studies only one role: that of the other. Octave Sheet
  20. Before marriage, a woman must make love to a man to detain him. After the wedding, she has to hold him to make love to him … Marilyn Monroe
  21. Marriage is the art of solving two problems that you did not have when you were alone!
  22. A marriage is rarely a marriage of reason, but a divorce is always a divorce of reason: we know each other. Sacha Guitry, Getting Married Quotes
  23. Le mariage est une règle qui a ses exceptions, la femme une exception qui a ses règles.
  24. Le mariage met fin à beaucoup de brèves folies par une longue sottise. Friedrich Nietzsche
  25. Le mariage est mère du monde, il préserve les royaumes, remplit les villes et les églises, et même le paradis. Jeremy Taylor

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