35 Inspiring & Hilarious Quotes Welcome First Day Of Winter

Looking for the most inspiring & hilarious quotes for winter? Winter often reminds us of gray and black, sadness and loneliness. We think of it as when the world rested and life ended. However, in contrast to its sluggish and resilient appearance, winter is crucial to nurturing a new beginning. Winter, like any other season, can be really beautiful, helpful and inspiring.

 Here, we will share the best collection of 35 quotes and sayings about winter to inspire you to find love of this beautiful season. Check it out!

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  1. “If the candle is beautiful and clear, we have winter behind.” __ French saying“In summer as in winter, who leaves his place loses it.” __ Antoine Désaugiers, Snow Quotes
  2. “What flame could equal the sunshine of a winter day?” __ Henry David Thoreau
  3. “Old people and birds face the same problem every year: spending the winter. ”
  4. “In the middle of winter, I discovered an invincible summer inside me.” __ Albert Camus, Winter Captions
  5. “Winter, this season of cold silence, but also fruitful waiting.” __ Danièle and Stefan Satrenkyi
  6. “The best winter in the world can only give you the cold it is!” __ Pierre Dac
  7. “I dread winter because it is the season of comfort!” __ Arthur Rimbaud
  8. “It is only in winter that we see that pines and cypresses are always green.”
  9. “I need winter. Because while nature is resting, the mind can boil. ”__ Jan Sverak, Winter Solstice Quotes
  10. “In a large armchair, near the blessed hearth, As one can travel, winter, ad infinitum!” __ Hippolyte Laroche
  11. “If winter is cold and harsh Your stomach at the table, your back to the fire.” __ French proverb
  12. “There are intellectuals like sun in winter. They shine but produce little heat. ”__ Philippe Obrecht
  13. “Do not throw your light clothes in winter, do not throw your furs in summer.” __ Chinese proverb, Winter Season Quotes
  14. “The flowers of spring are the dreams of winter told in the morning at the table of the angels.” __ Khalil Gibran
  15. “Old age is winter for the ignorant, and harvest time for the wise.” __ Yiddish proverb
  16. “There is no winter without snow, spring without sun, and joy without being shared.” __ Serbian proverb
  17. “Heat expands bodies. This is why the days are longer in summer than in winter. ”__ Léo Campion
  18. “I am in the fall of my life but what does it matter since winter is my friend!” __ Céline Blondeau
  19. “Fall is a mutation, winter is a struggle, spring is a flourishing.” __ Anonymous, Winter Quotes Funny
  20. “Winter. The word alone has an antipathetic assonance. ”__ François Latraverse
  21. “The winter of your life is your second spring.”
  22. “A man without a woman can’t stand winter.”
  23. “We would like to have the courage of birds in winter.” __ Françoise Lefèvre
  24. “Cheerfulness and health change from winter to summer.”__ Snow Instagram Captions
  25. “In the kingdom of hope, there is no winter.” __ Russian proverb
  26. “To be loved is to collect treasures of happiness for the winter.”__ Droz, Winter Love Quotes
  27. “Ice: When we laugh at the ice, we laugh at winter.”


Seasons keep changing periodically, we cannot avoid the any season.The winter is not only for frustration but also for love.These above winter quotes makes you to feel loved and love others. And each winter quote above will make feel differently .Share these winter quotes with all. Enjoy the snow and feel the breeze of winter.!!

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