35 Best Quotes From “The Wolf Of Wall Street”

Quotes from The Wolf of Wall Street

Looking For The Best Quotes From The Wolf of Wall Street? The Wolf of Wall Street is a memoir of former stockbroker Jordan Belfort, first published in September in 2007 by Bantam Books, then adapted to a 2013 film of the same name (directed by Martin Scorsese and performed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of Belfort).

The film describes the reckless adventures of Jordan Belfort, from his transformation into a securities broker to his seduction and his free fall into corruption, drug addiction, excess and ultimately imprisonment. The film was a major commercial success and received most of the positive reviews from critics, with praise for the direction of Scorsese, the comic performance of DiCaprio and his quick and consistent humor.

Here, we’ve collected 35 motivational quotes from the Wolf of Wall Street for youngster & entrepreneurship. Check it out!

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  1. “97% of people who quit smoking too early are employed by 3% who have not.” – Jordan Belfort
  2. “Hard work beats talent. Every time! “- Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes
  3. “I have the courage to die. What I want to know is: do you have the courage to live? – Jordan Belfort
  4. “These are business. Leave your emotions at the door. – Jordan Belfort
  5. “Money is the oxygen of capitalism and I want to breathe more than any living man.” – Jordan Belfort
  6. “The only thing that separates you from your goal is the story of bullshit that you keep telling yourself why you can’t reach it.” – Jordan Belfort
  7. “When you live in bad conditions, you inflict damage on everyone who crosses your path, especially those you love.” – Wolf Of Wall Street Movie Quotes
  8. “Always keep the customer on the big wheel.” – Mark Hanna
  9. “Every person here wants to get rich and wants to get rich quickly. They all want something for nothing. “- Jordan Belfort
  10. “I have to pump these numbers. These are rookie numbers in this racket. Myself, I jerk off at least twice a day. – Mark Hanna
  11. “I want you to solve your problems by getting rich!” – Jordan Belfort
  12. “I’ll tell you what: I’ll never eat at Benihana again.” I don’t care who the birthday is. “- Wolf Of Wall Street Funny Quotes
  13. “I’m not fucking going!” The show continues! “- Jordan Belfort
  14. “If anyone down here thinks I’m superficial or materialistic, go get a job at McDonald’s because that’s where you belong.” – Jordan Belfort
  15. “It was obscene, in the real world. But who the hell wanted to live there? – Jordan Belfort
  16. “Look, man … have lots of kids or whatever it takes to risk it, whether you’re fucked up or not, you know …” – Donnie Azoff
  17. “My killers, my killers who will not take” No “for an answer. My fucking warriors, who won’t hang up until their client buys it. Or damn dies! – Margot Robbie Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes
  18. “My name is Jordan Belfort. The year I turned 26, I made a million dollars 49, which really pissed me off because it cost three million a week. “- Jordan Belfort
  19. “One thing I can promise you is that I never ask my clients to judge me on my winners, I ask them to judge me on my losers, because I have very few.” – Jordan Belfort
  20. “Yet give them to me young, hungry and stupid. And in a short time, I will enrich them. – Jordan Belfort
  21. “The name of the game, move the money from the customer’s pocket to your pocket.” – Mark Hanna
  22. “There are two keys to success in the broker industry. First, you have to stay relaxed, then you have to stay high. – Wolf From Wall Street Quotes
  23. “There is no bad publicity. Your hair is beautiful. – Teresa Petrillo
  24. “Was it all legal? Absolutely not, but we were making more money than we knew what to do. “- Jordan Belfort
  25. “Yeah, like Buddhists. They don’t care about money. They are wrapped in sheets. They don’t buy shit. – Alden Kupferberg
  26. “You are fierce, you are relentless, you are a fucking terrorist phone” – Jordan Belfort
  27. “My money is stuck on your breasts, honey. Technically, you work for me. – Jordan Belfort Quotes Movie
  28. “You know, just… people say s ** t. I do not even know. I don’t even listen to it half the time. “- Jordan Belfort
  29. “Do you want to know what the money looks like?” Go to a trading room on Wall Street. – Jordan Belfort
  30. “Without action, the best intentions in the world are nothing more than that: intentions.”― Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street
  31. “Money is the oxygen of capitalism and I wanna breathe more than any man alive.”__ Jordan Belfort Quotes,
  32. “I want you to deal with your problems by becoming rich!” – Sales Quotes
  33. “I’ve got the guts to die. What I want to know is, have you got the guts to live?”
  34. “I had considered changing my phone number, but I was so far behind on my phone bill that NYNEX was after me too.”― Jordan Belfort
  35. “But what was wrong with that? They were drunk on youth, fueled by greed, and higher than kites.”― Jordan Belfort


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