25 Quotes From Alice In Wonderland That Reveal Truth Of Life

Quotes of Alice in Wonderland

Looking For The Best Quotes Of Alice In Wonderland? Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll’s widely loved English children’s book, published in 1865. With imaginary stories and riddles, it has become one of the most popular English fiction product. It is remarkably illustrated by British artist John Tenniel.

Here are 25 Alice in Wonderland quotes that will boost your imagination. Enjoy!

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  1. Is it that this day will never end ?! It clings to me like a sweaty pair of pants.
  2. To hell with all that! Read the part where I get exasperated. ― Alice In Wonderland Quotes
  3. OMG OMG! How strange everything is today! And yesterday, instead, it was all normal!
  4. Oh, you will always get somewhere if you walk long enough!
  5. I suppose now I will find my punishment, drowning in my own tears!
  6. Wow! I have seen many times a cat without a smile, but a smile without a cat! It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen!
  7. And to see if you stop walking around appearing and disappearing so suddenly! It makes me dizzy! __ Alice And Wonderland Quotes
  8. And how funny it will be to send gifts to your feet! And how shocking the management is going to be!
  9. Did you eat the cookies and leave those crumbs next to your sister’s bed ?, tell the truth Mirana.
  10. How am I going to be the wrong Alice when this is my dream?
  11. What is the use of a book without drawings or conversations?
  12. Was it the same person when I woke up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. __ Wonderland Quotes
  13. The chrono sphere? Do you want to take it away, seize it? You’re asking me to let you disintegrate time itself.
  14. Why does this always have to happen to me? Why nobody loves me
  15. Why is everyone telling me what to do? No! This is my dream and I will decide how to continue.
  16. –What do you know about this unfortunate case? – Nothing. – Nothing at all? – Nothing at all! – This is very important. Take note of that.
  17. Who decides what is appropriate? What if they decided that the proper thing to do was put a salmon on their heads, would you use it?__ Alice In Wonderland Sayings
  18. -Who are you? – I don’t know anymore, sir. I have changed so many times I do not know anymore.
  19. Who will listen to them? – Alicia said, who by then had already recovered her normal height- If they are nothing more than a deck of cards!
  20. Do you know what the problem is in this world? Everyone wants a magic solution to problems, but everyone refuses to believe in magic.
  21. Today is your non-birthday too? How small is the world!
  22. Weather? Young lady, I am time. The infinite, the eternal, the immortal, the immeasurable; at least of course you have a watch. ― Alice In Wonderland Quotes
  23. Crazy people have to be treated with affection.
  24. Sometimes I think of up to six impossible things before breakfast.
  25. Ah, I forgot. If you really want to know, he went there. – Who? – The white rabbit. – Really? – Really what? – What went away? – Who? – Rabbit! – Which rabbit?

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