50 John Locke Quotes On Human Nature & Liberalism

Quotes of John Locke

Looking For The Best Quotes Of John Locke? (1632 – 1704) also known as the “Father of Classical Liberalism,” was an English physician and philosopher.

In the age of the Enlightenment, he had a reputation for being one of the most influential and prominent thinkers. It was the main engine in the development of political philosophy and epistemology, the branch of science that deals with the theory of knowledge. His work influenced other great thinkers such as Jean-Jacque Rousseau and Voltaire. Furthermore, his theories have been inculcated in the Declaration of Independence of the United States.

Locke’s theories have been described in detail in his novels “Treaties on Civil Government”, “An Essay on Human Understanding” and “Some Thoughts on Education”. His philosophy and theories are reflected in his works and have been quoted extensively for centuries.

I have compiled some quotes from John Locke that talk about thoughts, actions, knowledge, truth, and equality. Check it out!

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  1. “People are like chameleons, we take our tone and the color of our moral character from those around us.”
  2. “That which is static and repetitive is boring. What is dynamic and random is confusing. Art lies in the middle. ”(John Locke Famous Quotes)
  3. “Success in fighting means not approaching your opponent the way he wants to fight with you.”
  4. “There are a thousand ways of wealth, but there is only one way to get to heaven.”
  5. “If we let others control our thoughts we will never control our destiny.”
  6. “The reason men enter society is to preserve their property.”
  7. “An excellent man is invariable in every way.”
  8. “In all ages, mankind has been disturbed not by power in the world, but by who should have it.”
  9. “Men always forget that human happiness is a disposition of the mind and not a condition of circumstances.”
  10. “Where there is no property there is no justice.”
  11. “Laws were made for men and not men for the laws.”
  12. “Reading provides the mind with only materials of knowledge; is to think what makes what we read is ours.”(John Locke Quotes On Government)
  13. “There can be no more rudeness than interrupting another in the flow of his speech.”
  14. “I have always thought that men’s actions are the best interpreters of their thoughts.”
  15. “Man is born free but everywhere he is chained.”
  16. “New opinions are always suspicious, and are usually rejected, for no other reason than not being common.”
  17. “Each one is orthodox with respect to himself.”
  18. “Knowledge is the only defense against the dangerous world.”
  19. “Loving the truth for the love of truth is the main part of human perfection in this world, and the main seed of all other virtues.”
  20. “Parents wonder why streams are bitter, when they poison the source themselves.”
  21. “A healthy mind in a healthy body is a short but complete description of a happy state in this world.”
  22. “It is one thing to prove a man wrong, it is another to place him in possession of the truth.” (John Locke Natural Rights Quotes)
  23. “Education begins with the gentleman, but reading, good company and reflection must end it.”
  24. “It is easier to command than to teach.”
  25. “The revolt is the right of the people.”
  26. “The objective of the law is not to abolish or restrict, but to preserve and expand freedom.”
  27. “There is not a single mistake that his followers have not had.”
  28. “All men being equal and independent, no one should harm another in what concerns his life, health, freedom or possessions.”
  29. “How long have you had those words in your head waiting to be able to say them?”
  30. “No human knowledge can go beyond their experience.”
  31. “I intend not to teach, but to ask.”
  32. “There is often more to learn from a child’s unexpected questions than from men’s speeches.” (John Locke Enlightenment Quotes)
  33. “To prejudge the ideas of others before having examined them is not to show their darkness, but to put it in our own eyes.”
  34. “Our job here is not to know all things, but those that concern our conduct.”
  35. “All wealth is the product of work.”
  36. “What worries you dominates you.”
  37. “An infallible sign of love for the truth is not to maintain any proposition with greater security than the evidence guarantees.”
  38. “Strength is the protection of the other virtues.”
  39. “In transgressing the law of nature, the offender proclaims to live according to a different norm than that of reason and common equity.”
  40. “The hope of eternal and incomprehensible happiness in another world is something that also carries with it constant pleasure.”
  41. “Many times I close my eyes, take a deep breath and let many things happen along with the essence of my soul.”
  42. “Man’s job is to be happy.”(John Locke Quotes On Education)
  43. “Few men think, yet they will all have opinions. Hence, men’s opinions are superficial and confused. ”
  44. “Being all men, which was said, by nature free, equal & independent, no one can be removed from that state and subject to the political power of another without their consent.”
  45. “There is nothing in the intellect that was not previously in the senses.”
  46. “Beasts do not abstract.”
  47. “We would have fewer disputes in the world if words were taken for what they are, signs of our ideas only, and not for themselves.”
  48. “God has endowed men with language to be the great instrument and common bond of society.”
  49. “Fashion for the most part is nothing more than the ostentation of riches.”
  50. “The things of this world are in such constant flux that nothing remains in the same state for long.”

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