35 Suicidal Thoughts Quotes Offer Hope To Anyone In Need

Looking For The Best Quotes On Suicidal Thoughts? Suicide is one of the most frequent causes of unnatural death worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of deaths due to this fact.

The fact of causing one’s own death is usually the product of deep suffering and the lack of perception of alternatives to alleviate it. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of people who intend to commit suicide warn or express their desire to end their lives.

Prior to the World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, we assembled these 35 powerful quotes on suicidal thoughts to offer hope to anyone in need. Check it out!

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  1. “Don’t just commit suicide! Be more imaginative, I can ask that of you!”
  2. “Two armies that fight each other are one big army that suicides itself.” (Quotes To Prevent Suicidal Thoughts)
  3. “The thought of suicide is a strong comforting agent: you can get over some bad nights with it.”
  4. “Giving someone or something power to dominate you and take over your mind is a subtle form of psychological suicide”
  5. “Of all adventures, suicide is the most literary, more so than murder.”
  6. Death is easy. To live is the most painful thing I could imagine and I’m weak and no longer willing to fight.—Hannah Wright
  7. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.—Phil Donahue, Suicidal Thoughts Quotes,
  8. Suicide is the punctuation mark at the end of many artistic careers.—Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
  9. When you’re young and healthy you can plan on Monday to commit suicide, and by Wednesday you’re laughing again.—Marilyn Monroe
  10. Suicide doesn’t solve your problems. It only makes them infinitely, un-countably worse.
  11. Once you are married, there is nothing left for you, not even suicide.— Robert Louis Stevenson
  12. Suicide is not a blot on anyone’s name; it is a tragedy.— Committing Suicidal Thoughts Quotes,
  13. Every bad institution of this world ends by suicide.—Victor Hugo
  14. On average, since the urge to kill myself isn’t so strong that I actually kill myself, the world is worth living in.—Tao Lin
  15. Perhaps the saddest irony of depression is that suicide happens when the patient gets a little better and can again function sufficiently.
  16. The only difference between suicide and martyrdom is press coverage.—Chuck Palahniuk 
  17. When one realizes that his life is worthless he either commits suicide or travels.— Suicidal Thoughts Quotes & Sayings,
  18. Women are constantly trying to commit suicide for love, but generally they take care not to succeed.—W. Somerset Maugham
  19. I’ll hang myself on your Christmas tree.—Ernest Hemingway
  20. It would have been so pointless to kill himself that, even if he had wanted to, the pointlessness would have made him unable.—Franz Kafka
  21. The thought that I might kill myself formed in my mind coolly as a tree or a flower.
  22. Hope is a necessity for normal life and the major weapon against the suicide impulse.—Karl A. Menninger, Positive Quotes For Suicidal Thoughts,
  23. The language of love letters is the same as suicide notes.—Courtney
  24. What’s the big fucking deal—Lots of amazing people have committed suicide, and they turned out all right.—Emilie Autumn
  25. Life’s greatest gift is the freedom it leaves you to step out of it whenever you choose.
  26. Killing myself was a matter of such indifference to me that I felt like waiting for a moment when it would make some difference.—Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  27. No one ever committed suicide while reading a good book, but many have tried while trying to write one.— Thoughts Of Suicidal Depression Quotes,
  28. The parts of me that used to think I was different or smarter or whatever, almost made me die.—David Foster Wallace
  29. It is not worth the bother of killing yourself, since you always kill yourself too late.—Emil Cioran
  30. So easy to go sailing off this road. A wonder more folks didn’t. All that space, waiting.—S. M. Hulse
  31. If you don’t do it my way, I suggest you commit suicide.—Josef Albers, Suicidal Ideation Quotes,
  32. He just wanted to see what a girl who was crazy enough to kill herself looked like.—Sylvia Plath
  33. Yeah, because you’ll really be showing them, won’t you. Talk about cutting up your wrists to spite your fate.—Alexander Gordon Smith
  34. No man kills himself unless there is something wrong with his life.— A. Alvarez, 
  35. You don’t know what cold is until you’ve experienced the cold you feel when the blood is draining out of your body.—Ry—Murakami


Okay, that’s a lot of quotes on suicidal thoughts! If you haven’t, let make sure to bookmark this quotes now and go back to the page, and try create a better habit every time when you need an inspiration or motivation.

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