Top 35 Quotes From The Picture Of Dorian Gray Book

The Picture of Dorian Gray Quotes

Looking For The Best Quotes From The Picture of Dorian Gray? Is the only novel by Irish writer Oscar Wilde. A first edition appeared in the Monthly Lippincott Magazine from Philadelphia in 1890, 1891. The novel, considered undisputed at the time, was also the subject of the lustful process against wildlife.

Here are some quotes from Oscar Wilde’s novel “The Portrait of Dorian Gray”. Check it out!

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  1. As for omens, that does not exist: destiny does not send us heralds; she is too wise … or too cruel for that.
  2. The only terrible thing in the world is boredom. It is the only sin for which there is no forgiveness … ― The Picture Of Dorian Gray Quotes
  3. Each effect you produce gives you one more enemy. To be popular, you have to be mediocre.
  4. Moderation is a fatal thing. Enough is as bad as a meal; more than enough is as good as a party.
  5. As long as a woman can appear ten years younger than her own daughter, she is perfectly satisfied.
  6. Never get married. Men get married out of fatigue, women out of curiosity: all are disappointed.
  7. I never speak during music, at least during good music. If you hear bad, it’s a duty to cover it with the noise of a conversation.__ The Portrait Of Dorian Grey Quotes
  8. The only charm of marriage is that it makes a life of disappointment absolutely necessary for both parties.
  9. To become young again, all you have to do is start your follies again.
  10. Today many people die of down to earth common sense and realize too late that the only things they regret are their own mistakes.
  11. I can believe anything, as long as it’s completely amazing.
  12. The diversity of opinion on a work of art shows that this work is new, complex and viable.__ Dorian Gray Quotes About The Painting
  13. For the artist, thought and language are the instruments of an art.
  14. The artist has no ethical sympathies. A moral sympathy in an artist brings an unforgivable mannerism of style.
  15. The artist does not wish to prove anything. Even the real things can be proven.
  16. The moral life of man is part of the artist’s subject, but the morality of art consists in the perfect use of an imperfect medium.
  17. The 19th century disdain for Romanticism is similar to Caliban’s rage, not seeing his face in a mirror.__ The Portrait Of Dorian Gray Quotes
  18. Those who find good intentions in beautiful things are learned. Hope remains for them.
  19. Moderation is a fatal thing. Enough is as bad as a meal more than enough is as good as a treat.
  20. Philanthropists lose all sense of humanity: this is their distinctive trait.
  21. Never get married, Dorian. Men marry out of weariness and women out of curiosity. They are both disappointed.
  22. The goal of life is to develop, to realize itself completely, it is our function on earth.__ The Picture Of Dorian Gray Phrases
  23. Admittedly married life is only a habit, a bad habit. But we always regret losing our habits, even the worst.
  24. There are only two really fascinating species of people: those who know absolutely nothing and those who know absolutely nothing.
  25. The books which the world deems immoral are those which hold out to him the mirror of his ignominy.
  26. Both the highest and the lowest form of criticism is a type of autobiography.
  27. But the words, the simple words! How formidable they were! How clear, sharp, and cruel they were! We couldn’t escape them.__ The Picture Of Dorian Grey Quotes
  28. In the current state of things, we never managed to understand ourselves and we only understood others exceptionally.
  29. One is never cautious enough in choosing one’s enemies. I don’t have one stupid one.
  30. Nowadays, people know the price of everything but don’t know the value of anything.
  31. You like everyone, which means that you are indifferent to everyone.
  32. Children start by loving their parents as they get older, they judge them sometimes they forgive them.__ The Picture Of Dorian Gray Chapter 14 Quotes
  33. To influence someone is to steal their soul. It becomes the echo of another’s music.
  34. We should never do anything we can’t talk about after dinner.
  35. Intellect is in itself an exaggeration, and destroys the harmony of any face.”


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