35 Hilarious Quotes About Time And The Passage Of Life

Looking for the most inspiring quotes about time? Time passes and never goes back. We live in constant change, in constant evolution, immersed in stressful routines, seeing how time slips from our hands without us being fully aware of it.

Many authors and thinkers in history have reflected on the passage of time and how the daily whirlpool influences us irremediably.

In this compilation we will find great quotes about time. They will make us reflect on the value of time and the need to take advantage of it. Each moment is unique! Choose your favorites and, if you wish, apply them to your life. Fun!

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  1. If you love life you cannot waste time. Life is made of time. Bruce Lee
  2. Loving deeply is eternal youth. Even if you die of old age you will die young. Arthur Wing Pinero, Time Flies Quotes
  3. Every moment you don’t spend loving is losing it. Torquato Tasso
  4. Love is eternal. You can change the appearance, but the essence does not change. Jeff Zinnert
  5. Love is how the heart measures space and time. Marcel Proust
  6. If they don’t ask me, I know what time is, but if they make me explain, I don’t know how to do it. San Agustin
  7. Time is that between a laugh and a cry. Francisco Macías, Time Quotes Love
  8. And you, why do you say you love your life if you are wasting time? Benjamin Franklin
  9. The present is the only safe place: the past limits us and the future scares us. Isaac López
  10. If you can sit in the shade of a tree, it’s because someone once planted it. Warren buffett
  11. The valuable thing is not all the time but a precise point: the now. Ekhart Tolle.
  12. Don’t worry if the world ends tomorrow, in Australia it is already tomorrow. Charles M. Schulz, Time Quotes About Love
  13. Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past. George Orwell.
  14. Memory and time move in two opposite directions.
    William Gibson.
  15. There are people who want to do everything except live in the moment. John Lennon
  16. To mature is to remain young but trying harder. Jean-Louis Barrault
  17. We think that tomorrow does not come and it is already yesterday. Henry Ford, Hard Times Quotes
  18. The present is the center between longing and hope. Llorenç Villalonga
  19. They say that the new generations will be rebellious … I hope so. Alain
  20. Age should not be counted by years, it should be counted by friends. John Lennon
  21. The present is only the result of the past and the cause that enables the future. Robert Green Ingersoll
  22. Time is said to be a great teacher; the bad thing is that he is killing his disciples. Hector Berlioz, Best Quotes Of All Time
  23. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana
  24. Watch the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves. Lord Chesterfield
  25. What we can do is decide what to do with the time we have been given. J. R. R. Tolkien
  26. Five minutes is enough to dream a lifetime, that’s how relative time is. Mario Benedetti
  27. Let’s not waste any of our time; Perhaps there were more beautiful ones, but this is ours. Jean Paul Sartre, Tough Times Quotes
  28. Time is both the most valuable and the most perishable of our resources. John Randolph
  29. You can ask me for anything you want, except time. apoleon
  30. If you don’t have time you don’t have a future, but if you have a lot you don’t have a present. Frank Sinatra
  31. The only thing that belongs to you is time, even if you have nothing you have time. Baltasar Gracian
  32. If someone loses his life, he is still unaware of the real value of life. Charles Darwin, Quality Time Quotes
  33. Unlike money, time cannot be saved to be used later. Denis Waitley
  34. If when you waste it you enjoy your time it is that you are not wasting it. John Lennon
  35. Losing money is that: losing money. However, wasting time means losing your life. Michael LeBoeuf

Closing words

Okay, that’s a lot of time quotes! If you haven’t, let make sure to bookmark this quotes now and go back to the page, and try create a better habit every time when you need an inspiration or motivation.

One other thing: did you notice some recurring topics throughout these 35 inspiring time quotes? So what are the most outstanding quotes for you? Comment below!

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